Globally Competency Survey

Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning this survey.


This survey is designed for students aged 8 - 19 years from any country, globally. It has been designed to be completed under the guidance of a teacher, leader of a club or other organisation. This teacher will provide students with a unique code which needs to be used on the first page of this survey.

If you are a teacher or leader of a club or other organisation, wishing to use this survey with your students, please register your school, club or other organisation (for free) here: Registration Page

This survey is split into 4 sections:

Within each section there are a series of statements. You are asked to think about these statements from two different viewpoints. Firstly, using the buttons in the left hand column, you are asked to rate your own skill, knowledge or ability against the statement. Secondly, using the right hand column, you are asked to consider how important you think it is to have that skill, knowledge or ability.

The survey takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. It is best to complete the survey in one sitting, but if you have to stop during the survey, it is best to do this at the end of a section where you are given the option of saving your results and coming back to finish it later.

On completion of this survey, you will be provided with a link to your report, which you can either view online or download as a pdf. It is recommended that you save the url link so that you can revisit your survey report at any time (the online version has some functionality that the pdf report cannot support).

No identifying personal information is collected, as students use unique codes selected by a teacher or the leader of a club or other organisation and any data generated via this survey shall be kept strictly anonymous. Please visit our ethical assurance page here: Please visit our website for more information.

If you have any questions or feedback about this questionnaire please email Sarah Jones.


This is a freely available survey. The data generated from taking the survey may be used in the creation of academic research papers, however in such circumstances, all identifying data, such as the name of the teacher or leader of a club or other organisation and the name of the school, club or organisation will be anonymized. In registering for this survey, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

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